Demolition Dumpster Rental – 20 Yard – 6000lb weight limit

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20 yard dumpster used for demolition debris such as wood, sheetrock, plastic, cardboard, shingles, and other debris associated with residential or commercial construction (no household waste). 1 week rental, includes disposal of up to 6,000lbs (3 tons) demolition debris.

To order your dumpster, select the start and end dates, and enter placement instructions. Click book now, review your order, then proceed to checkout to make payment and complete your order. Your rental may include dates marked unavailable (red days) below, but dumpsters will not be delivered or picked up on unavailable days. Weekend exceptions may be made by calling us to confirm availability.

Dumpster Placement Instructions

Please describe where you would like the dumpster placed on your property. Ex: Close to street, left side of driveway, in front of third garage door, etc. as viewed from the street.

Early Delivery

Please select whether earlier delivery (generally 1-2 days) is acceptable if a dumpster is available sooner than expected. There is no extra fee if we deliver early and the end date selected will not change.


Dumpster rental for 20 yard dumpsters used for construction and demolition debris. Rental includes 1 week on-site (Ex: Monday to Monday), and disposal up to 6,000lbs (3 tons).

  • You may rent the dumpster less than 1 week, by selecting an earlier pick-up date.
  • Additional tonnage (determined by scaling when we empty the dumpster at the dump site) will be post-billed, charged to the credit card on file, or taken out of your deposit (if ordered online) and is $80 per ton, billed in exact increments (we do not round up to the nearest ton).
  • Additional days/weeks can be purchased by selecting a pick-up date later than 1-week. Each additional day is $10, the weekly rate is $65.

Demolition dumpsters may only be used for construction and demolition debris (anything used to build a house, or debris from remodeling, for example). If you wish to place any household waste, furniture, clothing, etc. in the dumpster, please see the other items below, and order the applicable waste dumpster. 10 and 14 yard dumpsters are also available below. We do not offer 20 yard dumpsters for heavy loads such as roofing, the largest “heavy load” dumpster we offer is a 14yd.

If household waste is found to have been put in the dumpster, the entire load will be disposed of as municipal solid waste and taxed accordingly (waste taxes are substantially higher than demolition taxes, and county environmental fees may apply). For a complete listing of acceptable/unacceptable items in our demolition dumpsters, please see our dumpster information page here.

All online orders are subject to a refundable deposit that varies by dumpster size and use. This deposit is used in the event the load is over the weight limit, trip fees due to blocked containers, non-compliance with loading requirements, or prohibited items. We process the deposit refund as soon as rental terms compliance are verified by our office (generally within 24 hours of pick-up), bank processing times may be as long as 7-10 business days. If you do not wish to pay the deposit using online ordering, please call our office to order your dumpster.

Additional information


Inside: 14’ long, 7’6” wide, 5’ tall.
Outside: 15’ long, 8’ wide, 5’9” tall.


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