About Wizard Property Serivces

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our company!

We started humbly in 1998, with snow plowing as a side job, with a 1976 Chevy Blazer, and just a few driveways and one commercial property. Over the next few years, we gradually added customers, and upgraded to a newer pickup truck, with a much nicer plow, both of which broke down way less often!

In 2002, Wizard Snow Removal was formed, along with continued upgrading of trucks and equipment, adding additional customers, equipment, and employees. 2008 was somewhat of a breakout year for the company, as we secured our first large apartment contract. The years following this saw continued growth with the addition of many more commercial and apartment accounts, and scores of trucks, plows, and salting spreading equipment.

In 2011, Wizard Property Services LLC was established. Wizard Snow Removal continues to operate under the LLC. 2014 was another breakout year for us, as we purchased exciting new equipment and expanded into a new facility. Early in 2014, we purchased our first roll-off system, which was originally purchased due to the flexibility of using one truck for multiple activities year-round, rather than having multiple different trucks and equipment dedicated to specific tasks. With the purchase of the roll-off system, we quickly realized there was a demand for small roll-off dumpsters, and began purchasing dumpsters for rental purposes. Later in 2014 we also expanded our shop, outgrowing the “back yard” and moving into a large heated facility, where the majority of our equipment was now able to be maintained and stored inside, rather than working out of a small garage.

2016 saw additional expansion as we moved from our previous shop space to our present location. This enabled us to locate our shop and office in the same place, increasing efficiency, response times, and service! Present day, our Wizard Snow Removal brand continues as a well respected industry leader in snow and ice management, with customers that have come to know and trust the awesome service, that only a dedicated team can provide. Wizard Property Services is becoming increasingly recognized as a leader in the roll-off, landscape, and weed control business thanks to our superior performance, and consistently exceeding our customers expectations! We have no desire to become a “large” contractor, as we will not compromise the level of service our customers enjoy or allow them to become “just a number.” We look forward to establishing personal relationships with our customers, desiring¬†to be the last contractor you’ll ever hire.